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Snake Removal Services

About Our Snake Removal Services

Experience is key when it comes to snake removal. All About Animals NC is a reputable company that can help you remove any snakes from your property. When you consider that many venomous snakes live in the Carolinas, our knowledge and experience are invaluable. There are over 100 species and subspecies of nonvenomous snakes. Our experts have seen snakes living year round in attics. This allows them to control rodents that are looking for food. You may find snakes in your yard or under your deck. Although they can be fascinating to look at, and you might be interested in getting a closer look, we advise you not to attempt to identify the snake or get too close. It could lead to death.

All About Animals NC snake specialists can identify every entry point and determine if snakes have ever lived in your attic. No matter how dangerous or venomous the snake may be, our team uses humane methods to remove them. Our commonality is that we live in a community together. While snakes will always be part of Carolinas life, there are safe ways to share it. Snakes will move to areas they feel comfortable, such as under decks, houses and playgrounds. If you find a snake on your property, it is a good idea not to ignore them and to call us immediately. All About Animals NC can help you solve your snake problem with a permanent solution.

Snake control and removal should only ever be attempted by those who are aware of the dangers this animal poses. All About Animals has the expertise to help you eliminate all snakes from your home through relocation, habitat modification, and other methods.


Snakes 101:


Rat snakes are known to be found all over the Carolinas. These snakes lay their eggs in insulation attics, as you might have seen on local news. The babies can sometimes find their way into the house after they are born. Snake Control specialists can help you determine if there are any entry points and whether rat snakes have ever lived in your attic.


Bull snakes do not have any venom. However, bull snakes can kill venomous rattlesnakes. They are found in dry, warm areas and eat small rodents such as mice and rats. Bulls snakes can be found in yards and near tall grass fields by many homeowners. Wildlife Control professionals can help you identify the species of your snake and move it to a safer, natural environment.


RATTLESNAKES are VENOMOUS. If a person walks too close to them, they will attack. The rattles at the tail of these snakes are shaken when there is a disturbance. Make no mistake: rattlesnakes are quite dangerous.


COPPERHEADS MAY BE VENOMOUS. These serpents are native to the south of the United States and can inflict severe injury or even death. Copperheads are distinguished by their distinctive copper-colored skin and can be found in areas with trees, brush, or other debris. All About Animals NC professionals will remove copperheads from your property and place them in a safe area, away from public and private property.


COTTONMOUTHS IS VENOMOUS. This snake’s natural habitat is in the marshy wetlands of southern U.S. States. Their brown bodies and white heads are their trademark. They can strike and cause serious illness or death and live near water bodies. If you spot a cottonmouth snake in your area, call a professional immediately.

Snake Removal Techniques

New housing developments are being built in established neighborhoods. Snakes will move to areas where they feel safe, such as under decks, houses and playgrounds.

Snake Removal Snakes can be found in any tight space in your home. To find any hiding spots, the animal removal specialists will inspect your home and all crevices. Infrared detection will be used to detect snakes in places we cannot see. Our experts will safely remove your slithery friend and move it to a safer location.

Snake Removal: Snake removal and control should only be attempted by those who are aware of the dangers this snake can pose. All About Animals NC has the expertise to help you eliminate all snakes from your house by relocating them, altering their habitat, and many other methods.

Snake Removal and Relocation

All About Animals NC specialists are experts in humane animal trapping, animal relocation, and wildlife rescue. This ensures that wildlife is not harmed during the removal process. To prevent disease or illness spreading, our experts are able to safely remove dead animals. We can remove animals such as bees and armadillos, birds, snakes and coyotes, squirrels and possums, rats, skunks and hogs. To learn more about the wildlife removal services that we offer, contact us today!