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Raccoon Removal Services

About Our Raccoon Removal Services

Why Use Our Raccoon Removal Services?

Raccoons are known for their ability to adapt to almost any environment. Raccoons can also be a nuisance by destroying roofs, siding and garage doors as well as dumping trash cans. All About Animals Raccoon Removal Services team offers humane, non-lethal raccoon control and raccoon elimination service throughout the Carolinas. Raccoon removal should be performed only by an expert. Raccoons can be dangerous and cause severe harm without warning or notice. It is best to leave it to the professionals. You don’t want to try to control raccoons.

All About Animals has over 20 years experience. We understand that raccoons are an integral part of the Carolinas but do not belong in your home. We can help if raccoons have invaded your property.

The warm, dry and secluded shelter offers raccoons protection against other animals, humans, and makes it seem like a safe place to live. Rain and snow can then enter through the roof’s entry holes. The insulation and wiring inside the attic can be damaged. A buildup of feces around your home can lead to serious health problems. You’ve come to the right spot if you have a problem with raccoons or don’t want to.

Raccoons are only ten days old when they get their signature masks. Raccoons are known for their intelligence but their destructive abilities make them so popular. Raccoons can build a den in crawl spaces, roof areas, chimneys, crawl spaces and dry attics. Attention DIYers: It is difficult to distinguish healthy raccoons and those with rabies. All About Animals offers professional removal.

About Raccoons:

The raccoon is a large-sized mammal that lives in North America. The raccoon, which can reach up to 28 inches in length and weighs up to 50 pounds, is the largest member of the procyonid family. The raccoon’s grayish-colored coat is mainly composed of dense underfur which protects it from cold weather. The facial mask and the extremely clever front paws of the raccoon are two of its most distinguishing features. Studies have shown that raccoons can remember the solutions to problems for as long as three years.


Raccoons prefer to live in wooded areas close to water sources like streams, marshes and rivers. Their food sources include aquatic invertebrates like snails, crayfish and turtles. They also consume a wide variety of plant-based food, including acorns and fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and nuts.

Raccoons can also be found in urban areas, suburbs, and farms. They have learned to adapt to urban life by learning how to find food from trash cans, gardens and crops. Wild raccoons nest in tree cavities and rock crevices. They also use underground burrows to hide from predators like muskrat lodges. The animals are known to seek shelter in unoccupied buildings in suburban areas.


These small, stocky animals have gray fur that is covered with black markings. They are shaped like a bandit’s mask and have rings around their tails. Because their back legs are longer then their front legs, the animals look hunched when they walk. The raccoon has black eyes and narrow ears. They also have small noses that are black at the ends of their short, narrow snouts.

Safety and Control:

You must eliminate all food sources that could attract small furry animals to your home and property in order to keep them away. Place trash bags in tight-fitting containers and do not leave pet food outside overnight. Clean up after barbecues and grills can also be helpful in eliminating the tempting smells of meat. Protecting chimney openings with guards and sealing all gaps between attic walls helps to prevent raccoons entering homes. You can secure your garden with tall, leaning fences.

Raccoon Removal & Permanent Solutions

We are experts in removing raccoons from any type of structure, commercial or residential. We are able to remove raccoons from chimneys and attics.

To prevent future raccoon entry, it is important to safely remove wildlife and make the necessary repairs and modifications to your building. Our staff is equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to effectively and safely remove raccoons from your home and keep them out forever. This is a job best left to an expert. It is also common for raccoons to damage attic insulation (Insulation removal) and leave behind fecal matter.

We can send a team to inspect your property and roof for any signs of raccoon infestation. A technician will assess the extent of the problem and determine which areas are most vulnerable to future entry. Contact All About Animals NC to get started with Raccoon Removal Services or find out about the other Wildlife Removal Services we offer!