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Bats can become a danger to your health by taking up residence in your attic or walls. Bats will eat any structure that keeps them safe from predators, high and dry. Depending on their species, bats can colonize within walls and attics in numbers of hundreds to thousands. The colony may double every year so it is crucial to remove them as quickly as possible. Although bats are important for maintaining low insect numbers, they can pose a serious health risk to your family. Guano can build up in the walls, creating a horrible stench and potentially dangerous living conditions. Guano can cause many diseases, bacteria, and fungi. Guano can be extremely harmful if the fungispores become airborne. Bats are the most important transmitters of rabies among all mammals.

Our experts can help you if bats are a problem in your home. No other company offers a 5-year guarantee on our work. Because we treat the whole home, and not just the affected area, this guarantee is possible. We are experts in guano removal and will remove bats as well as take care of any waste. Our company uses only the finest sealants and can color match it to your home. Keep an eye out for bats in your home and contact us immediately if you see them.

Common Problems With Bats:

 Bats can be good animals. The problem is that sometimes a colony will choose your home or building to be their roosting place. Bats need specific conditions. Bats need to live in hot and dry areas that are high enough above the ground to enable them to fly, as well as being safe from predators. Your attic is perfect! It would be fine, but bats do not leave behind their droppings (guano). They live long lives and often stay in the same nest for many decades. If left untreated, bat colonies can reach huge numbers. Many cases have been reported of hundreds of bats living in one colony. These are the most common problems they cause:

  • Guano (bat poop), can build up in the attic, walls or chimney.
  • The large bat colony and their waste emit an unpleasant odour.
  • Noise can be an issue if the colony is large enough.
  • There are health concerns such as histoplasmosis or rabies.

All About Animals NC Bat Removal Process: 

The best way to remove bats from buildings is legal and safe for them. We perform a live exclusion. We can install one-way exclusion devices which allow bats to escape safely but prevent them from flying back in. Although it may seem simple, there are important considerations such as:

  • Different bat species behave and fly differently and respond to different exclusion techniques and devices.
  • The design of the entry/exit holes will dictate the device used.
  • The size of the colony is very important. It is much more difficult to manage larger colonies.
  • There are many entry points to some buildings. Some buildings are extremely complex with hundreds of entry points.
  • Weather – This affects bat behavior and whether or not bats leave.
  • Some bats do not leave at the same times or every night. This can affect the exclusion process.

Importantly, don’t forget to consider the season – no exclusions are allowed during maternity season when there are many flightless baby bats in the attic. Exclusions made during this period can lead to disaster. The exact time of the exclusion depends on species. However, for most North American bats it occurs during the summer months. Most often, this is late May to mid August.

Other Bat Problems: 

Sometimes we have to deal with bats that are not roosting in the attic of a house. There are many possibilities.

  • One bat or several bats may be seen flying about the living area. This is almost always a result bats living in the attic, walls or crawling down into the living space. In this situation, a bat can be safely removed.
  • You fear that rabies exposure has occurred after a bat was found in the house.
  • The chimney is home to a colony of bats.
  • There may be a colony of bats in your exterior building architecture. This could be tile roofs or behind shutters.
  • You will find bat droppings outside.

Attic Cleaning & Other Bat Removal Services: 

In most cases, it is a good idea to clean your attic once you have removed the bats. Guano (bat droppings) can be large and may reach as far as a foot deep. These droppings can attract insects such as cockroaches. This strong smell can make it difficult for you to breathe and encourage bats to try to get into your home. Mold can grow in areas containing feces or urine. This can cause damage to wood and sheetrock. Some molds can cause serious diseases, like histoplasmosis.

  • We vacuum up all droppings and remove all soiled insulation.
  • The special enzyme-based cleaner we use to fog the attic destroys organic matter and deodorizes it.
  • Complete attic restoration may be necessary in extreme cases. This includes complete insulation removal, wood repair, decontamination and new insulation.

Effective bat repellents are not possible. Many companies offer the same product, usually moth balls mixed with coyote urine and sulphur. They are marketed towards all nuisance animals, sold in boxes labeled “Critter Out”, “Bat-A-Way”, or “Squirrel Stopper”, among others. Others sell high-pitched devices, which are marketed to all species of wildlife. These devices will not alter bat behavior. It is illegal, messy, dangerous, as well as unethical, to try to kill bats. Some pest control companies will treat a bat colony like an insect colony and tent it to kill them. This is a terrible practice on several levels. The bats will crawl down walls to escape poisoned. Bats will flood in to any open spaces or areas where there is a possibility of them getting into the living area. They can cause rot and a horrible odor to the walls if they are killed. They are not always killed. There will be aggressive and sick bats in your area. Do not try to kill bats. A live exclusion is much easier and more efficient. It is legal and ethical, too. Bats are excellent animals, which is why they are protected.

All About Animals NC: The Bat Removal Experts

All About Animals NC uses exclusion to get rid of bats naturally. You don’t have to trap a bat. Instead, you should let it go (which is what it will do at night hunting), and then never allow it back in! Almost crazy huh?

To remove bats, we first inspect the area to determine where they came from. After identifying the entry points they used to enter your attic, one-way doors are installed at these entry points. Your bats won’t be able to get in again once they are gone hunting at night. It is important to seal all entry points once your bats have gone. This will prevent pests from returning. You will need to clean out the attic and make cosmetic repairs. For wildlife damage repairs, homeowners can count on us.

We are here to help you:

  • Professional, prompt, and courteous
  • Passionate about your home and our trade
  • Highly skilled trappers who are familiar with the animals we work alongside
  • Humane and compassionate

We are licensed and certified in all of the Carolinas. Our company is highly reviewed on Google. We don’t compromise on quality by making sure our customers are 100% satisfied. Contact our team today to discuss any number of wildlife removal services we offer!