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Wildlife Removal

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All About Animals NC specializes in wildlife control and rodent removal. Our services include animal capture, nuisance wild animals control, dead animal removal and trapping. Our wildlife control specialists are capable of handling any wild animal situation. This includes raccoons, squirrels, birds, snakes, foxes and bats. For occasional snake or alligator problems, we also offer varmint control. We will determine the source of any unwanted wildlife problem you are facing, trap it, and then implement animal damage prevention strategies to prevent future ones. This includes repairing the area and getting rid of unwanted wildlife from entering your space. We provide cost-effective and efficient solutions to more common nuisance wildlife issues.

Dedication To Being The Best

All animals have an important role to play in nature. They become pests when they intrude on our homes and businesses. All About Animals NC believes that wildlife control should be humane and that treatments and removals should cause as little harm as possible.

We use safe and humane methods to control most invasive animals

  • Trapping – We will trap the animal and move it to another area so it can thrive.
  • Exclusion and Deterrents – We seal your property to prevent pests entering and use deterrents that help stop them from returning.

We can also remove dead animals. It is possible for an animal to die on your property and cause serious health and safety problems. Property damage can also be caused by the animal’s decay and smells. We can safely remove the animal and provide cleaning services to restore your property to its original condition.

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