How To Go About Raccoon Removal At Your Property

Raccoon Removal At Your Property

Raccoon Removal

Although it’s typically calming to have wildlife near your home, not many of us want to have them move in to our homes with us! Mother raccoons are known for their ability to adapt to any available space in order to provide shelter for their nesting needs. A shed or underneath a deck is great place for them to settle in and build a shelter. This can cause a risk to your pets and family members and should be addressed immediately! Most homeowners want raccoons removed from their property quickly but there are some things you should consider before you decide on a removal strategy.

Talk about the issue with a professional

It is crucial to know what to do if the raccoon is living under your shed or deck. This is both for the safety of residents and the safety of the animal. Experts in wildlife removal recommend specific strategies to get the raccoons out of these spaces and should be followed. Trapping a mother raccoon can lead to the death of her babies and as wildlife removal experts this is the last thing we want.  Before resorting to trapping, raccoon removal professionals will usually suggest other strategies. Call us today to learn more!

Try to make the raccoons uncomfortable

Experts may recommend using some form of harassment strategy to get rid of raccoons. This could cause the raccoon to feel that it is in their best interest to move on their own and get out of your space. Forced removal by trapping could result in the mother raccoon being separated from her children or even abandoning the young kits if she is moved far from her home territory. Animal welfare experts recommend using harassment strategies to remove raccoons. These are the most popular techniques:

  •  Noise- The mother raccoon needs a peaceful place to give birth and raise her babies. But not all sounds can make the raccoons feel scared or uncomfortable. Experts agree that music does not scare raccoons but human voices do. A radio tuned to a talk-radio station, turned as loudly as possible to suit the conditions will usually result in the mother raccoon abandoning her nest with the kit kittens.  
  •  LightRaccoons prefer darkness because they are nocturnal. This means that a bright source of light close to the den will encourage the Raccoon family members to find shelter elsewhere.  
  •  Smell- Place fabric soaked in ammonia around your den to get them to leave. Experts agree that the smell alone might not be enough to repel the raccoons. 


Be consistent in your efforts to keep raccoons away

Remember that raccoons can tolerate some strategies for a brief time. Property owners must be consistent and ensure that the lights, noise and odor sources are not disturbed for more than a few days. It is common to leave the lights on for three or four days, but there are no strict time frames.

Consistency will be key in raccoon removal in your space, but patience will also be your best friend. In some cases it will take a little bit of time to disrupt the raccoons comfort level, and ultimately get it to leave your property.

One of our raccoon removal specialists can help you determine what to do if there is a raccoon living under your deck or shed.

To learn more about the wildlife removal services that we offer, contact us today!